Founder- Dr Bruce A Stevens


Professional Experience 

Dr Stevens (PhD Boston University 1987) has been in private practice as a psychologist in Canberra since the late 1980’s. He was chair of the ACT branch of the Clinical College of the APS (Australian Psychological Society) for four years. He has written six books, with the most recent Schema Therapy for Couples (2015) with Wiley Press about helping clinical psychologists to more effectively help couples with relationship difficulties.


Academic and Research 

Dr Stevens has a full-time position as Wicking Professor of Aging and Practical Theology at Charles Sturt University.  He was previously Associate Professor in Clinical and Forensic Psychology in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Canberra with over 60 students.  He established the graduate diploma in Christian Counselling at St Marks National Theological Centre in 1993 and the MA Christian Counselling at Southern Cross College in 2005. He is an Associate Professor in Sydney College of Divinity, the degree granting institution for SCC. He has a research position in theology at the Public and Contextual Theology (PACT) research group which is part of Charles Sturt University. He has written Cross-fire! a book to help psychologists to deal with cross examination in court. It has been published by Australian Academic Press and is now available through their website.


The Way we Are Wired for Intimacy

Way Wired March 2017.pdf  

At last! The secret is out about romantic relationships. Hidden learning is what we know but lack words to express. Early learning, as an infant or child, reveals ‘how we are wired’ for intimacy. This book gives practical tips for discovering the script of your unique hidden learning, the way it impacts everything important to you and how it might be changed through memory reconsolidation – an important discovery from the neurosciences. Insights from schema therapy, including an easy to read explanation of the 18 schemas and techniques from coherence therapy are conveyed with helpful clinical examples and clear therapeutic principles. This book delivers what you need to know to have a satisfying relationship.  


Legal Reports

Please approach Dr Stevens through your solicitor and he will quote costs. He is available to do assessments for injury, criminal, immigration, and care proceedings but only with older people.

He is willing to do comprehensive family law related assessments, but with each adult given four psychometric tests and a basic assessment (up to two adults and two children) beginning at $7700 per report.


Counselling Fees

Potentially you may qualify for a Medicare rebate for up to 10 sessions a year of individual counselling. You will need a Mental Health Care Plan (ask for a double session when you see your GP. Your doctor will decide if you meet the criteria. Make sure it is a 2710 item and bring a copy of the plan to the first session). Because Dr Stevens is a clinical psychologist you will get the maximum rebate.

The fee for patients who are employed is $220 per hour or $120 for a 30 minute consultation (Medicare rebates can apply, see below). If you are unemployed or are on a disability pension he will bulk bill up to 10 sessions generally of 30 minutes at no cost to you with a MHCP. You may need to be seen at the psychology clinic at the University of Canberra.

You can also have 10 group sessions which can be bulk billed.

Canberra Clinical and Forensic Psychology is in Canberra City. Ring 0403529773 for an appointment with Dr Stevens. Please note that he does not have credit card facilities, but cheques are fine.  If you want to contact him please write to GPO Box 1437 Canberra City, ACT, 2601.


Curriculum Vitae

To see Dr Stevens' curriculum vitae, please click on the link below


BS Curriculum Vitae.doc  


Please Note

It may not always be possible to arrange a counselling appointment with Dr Stevens at the Canberra City location because of his academic commitments. He will see a limited number of patients at the psychology clinic at UC where he will be assisted by graduate students in clinical psychology. See the practitioners listed for the CC&FP website. Fees vary and there are either standard or clinical psychology rebates. Check the Canberra phone book for the latest contact details for these psychologists.





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