Relaxation Resources 


New Tracks

Carrier Introduction Bringing Compassion to Yourself.mp3 

Carrier Short Relaxation Awareness Exercise.mp3

Carrier Extended Relaxation Awareness Exercise.mp3  



Body Scan Rowena Cappelen.mp3

Bondi Thought Diffusion Bruce Stevens.mp3

Safe Place Anita Black.mp3

Relaxation Countdown Jane Kearney.mp3 

Mind Shower Bruce Stevens.mp3  

(find a link to more relaxation tracks on our home page under "listen to our relaxation CD")



Resources for GP's


GP Mental Health Care Plan Flow Chart.pdf

GP Mental Health Care Plan Template MBS Item 2710.pdf 


Top 10 Free Information Sheets Downloaded by GP's

Info Vicious Cycle of Depression.pdf

Info Vicious Cycle of Anxiety.pdf

Info anger coping strategies.pdf

Info assertive communication.pdf

Info Behavioural Activation.pdf

Info Calming technique.pdf

Info Fun Activities Catalogue.pdf

Info Problem Solving.pdf

Info Progressive Muscle Relaxation.pdf

Info UT Unhelpful thinking.pdf




For more information on depression and anxiety, with access to a range of helpful information sheets, please see


If our services aren't what you require from a psychologist, the Australian Psychological Society has a helpful psychologist search engine at


If you would like to use online skills training as an adjunct to therapy, there are a number of helpful web-services below:







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