Coping with COVID-19

At CCFP, we recognise the significant impact that the COVID-19 pandemic can have upon the psychological wellbeing of our clients and the broader public. The increased levels of stress, uncertainty, and restrictions that we face as a result of the containment measures can be associated with worry and anxiety as we progress through this global event. We would like to share some resources that we have found particularly useful in understanding the impact of the situation upon our psychological wellbeing, but also a few helpful information sheets that we have found in the course of our work.

Helpful Links

Beyond Blue – links to helpful services such as chat services and information sheets.

Phoenix Australia – has a number of Youtube videos and tip sheets, including activities for kids.

Lifeline – has a good section on coping with social distancing

University of Melbourne – normalising emotions/reactions, and strategies to cope with stress and anxiety

Australian Psychological Society – Coping with Coronavirus- various info sheets

Information Sheets